Dear Whoever,

The Death To Average idea and name came from on of my best friends and co-owner of Equalnox, Chris Summers. He had this ideology of not thinking normal and to have that same idea move the brand. Not just how the clothing looked, but the marketing around it. Both Chris and I come from black culture. We didn't have bad upbringings, but saw closely those who did. We were influenced by hip-hop, being black and the blessings and problems that came with that. We wanted to take those memories and feelings from our upbringing and mix it with clothing. I talked in the last letter how fashion shows create this segregated feeling. I totally understand dressing in a suit and tie when you're in a formal setting. But why does it feel like fashion is wall street? I never loved fashion because it was structured. I loved it because it was raw, unforgiving, honest and represented individuals, not companies. 

If you know me, you know I talk about the idea of fashion being horrible and the real diamond being personal style. Style breaks people's way of thinking. It views a celling as glass and breaks it. It shocks yet inspires. It makes people feel emotion, and not just go through the motions. I strongly feel that style holds the same principles as art, and I view fashion is just that. So when the industry puts rules on what to wear and when to wear it, I instantly shut down and do it our way. Structure has limits, and the goal; is not just in clothing but in life, is to keep getting better.

The DTA (DEATH TO AVERAGE) idea is dirty, it's mean, it's aggressive, it's powerful, it's offensive. It's the mind set of a lion if you were to put him in a dog cage. It represents freedom from the system that says that's too black or too ghetto. Freedom of thought and design. It will tell you limits are for punks and we don't hang out with punks. DTA


Jordan BellComment