Dear Whoever,

I started a fashion brand not to look cool, not to brag about the things I do, not even to make money. I started a brand simply to make things I wanted to wear. Since 2011 my motivation has changed but at its core, I am still a selfish designer that makes clothing for himself. 

Last year (2015) I took the brand up and down the east coast to different fashion shows hoping for a break through. Hoping for the right eye to see the brand and all of its glory. Following the path so many other designers do. Get really good looking people to wear your clothing in front of strangers all dressed in their best outfits for that night. To only be judged by suit and dress wearers that compare you to yeezy season 1,2 and 3. Say your clothing looks amazing. That you should be in NYC with your style. I won't lie to you, the praise feels good in the moment. Even though I hate being compared to anyone, no matter how good or famous they are. So yes for a brief moment I was blinded by the bright lights and the stage. I say blinded because for the most part fashion shows gave me a false hope of making it. When being totally honest it did nothing for our brand. As I would watch the fashion show from behind the stage at every show. All I saw was the same people I pass when walking uptown to get coffee. INDIVIDUALS all dressed the same to go to work on Monday or go to church on Sunday. I love suits and dresses don't get me wrong, but when everyone is dressed that way at a fashion show at what point do people sit down and think what scratch that, what STYLE really is.

We were slowly creeping in a cliché area of fashion I hate the most and what makes me at my core hate fashion. Most fashion shows (not all) are what is wrong with the fashion world. They make anybody not able to get in or look like them feel like an outsider. They all walk to some super techno song. All the clothing is made for 4 seasons at a time. All the runways are straight catwalks where the model goes to the end and poses for well lit pictures then walks back to the back to quickly be changed to another ill fitting piece of well made clothing. My point is that at those moments I felt that our brand had to go where the clothing was to be seen. But that was not at all the case.  It all goes back to why I started the brand. To make clothing that I wanted to wear. As a high schooler I learned fast that I didn't want to look like everyone else, no matter how much I would be picked on. Once too many people started to wear what I was, I would quickly hang it up for ever and try something else. That is Equalnox as a whole. Trying to balance not being trendy at all, but not so far removed from what people want that we hurt the brand. A metaphoric middle figure to fashion. DEATH TO AVERAGE.

- Jordan Bell



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