Darkest Corner Reveal

It's been a little while since we posted anything to +EqualMinds+, but this post is sorta the reason. 

Since the start of the Equalnox brand, we have wanted to release more than screen printed shirts and hoodies. So back in 2012 Co-Owner/Creative Director Jordan Bell had a dark, artistic and moody idea for a new collection. Going through a rough break-up and being depressed for various other reasons, he decided to express his feelings in the brand. Not just making a cool design or witty quote, he wanted to break into cut & sew and separate the brand from the millions of brands only doing screen printed clothing.  So the pen and paper were broke out the ideas started to flow. As the years came and went the motivation of this dark collection changed but the mood stayed the same. Most people who know Bell, know that he is very light hearted and fun to be around. Always making jokes and smiling, But most people don't know that he would whether be left alone most of the time. And has a very dark, angry and sad side. So instead of showing that in his person, he wanted to show that through the Equalnox brand. So "Darkest Corner" was born.

Out of the ashes of broken relationships, hardships of life and being ignored. This new direction is only the beginning of what the brand was made to do. And people got to see that on September 26, 2015 at the 1st annul Cornelius Fashion Show.

Check out some of the images of the reveal here.

Photography: Carey J. King