Jay Z's TIDAL already failing



Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service hit the ground running, capturing public attention with announcements that artists would be paid better royalties than existing options. Backed by eager supporters and A-list musicians including Kanye West (who has since deleted any tweets offering support or mentioning the service), Tidal was lauded as the next, big musical repository; the megastar confident he had a sure thing going. Maybe the service’s name lent itself to some foreshadowing, because like a wave always does, in one fell swoop Tidal has seemingly begun to crash and burn.

Having already dropped out of the iPhone top 700 download chart in the U.S., rival services Pandora and Spotify have seen a surge in downloads and now occupy the 3rd and 4th spots on the U.S. iPhone revenue chart. Adding insult to injury, Beats Music has started cracking the U.S. iPhone top 20 revenue chart as well.

Jordan BellComment